Books and articles about Theravada Buddhism.

The theory and practice of satipatthana vipassana (insight meditation) according to the Pali Tipitaka.


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Visuddhimagga (The Path of Purification) Buddhaghosa (First 90pages  only)

the Guide (netti-pakarana)pdf

Introduction to Dhammasangani (First book of the Abhdhamma)

Satipatthana sutta

Right View Sammaditthi sutta and commentary

Commentary to Satipatthana sutta  translated by Soma Thera

A Treatise on Paramis (Perfections leading to Enlightenment)  Dhammapala

Selected suttas on various topics

Books and Articles by Sujin Boriharnwanaket 

Survey of Paramattha Dhammas (in pdf form. The file takes several minutes to download. Acrobat reader 5.0 can be downloaded from the web to read this)

Pali Fonts for the following books (Install the fonts, then copy and paste the book into a word file. Then select all and change the font to  pCharter )

Deeds of Merit Part I   Part II    Part III   Part IV   Notes 

Realities and Concepts: the Buddha’s explanation of the world Part I and II    Part III   

A Survey of Paramattha Dhammas preface  Part 1  2  3  6  7  9  10 11 12 13 14  pali font

Books and Articles by Nina van Gorkom


Buddhism In Daily Life Part 1  Part II    Part III     Part IV   Part V     Part VI         Part VII

Abhidhamma and Practice

Understanding Reality 6 page article giving a concise and easily understood explanation of what reality is in the Buddhist sense

The conditionality of Life: An outline of the 24 conditions of the Abhidhamma  Part II   Part III

Introduction to the Buddhist Scriptures Part I  Part II

India (Pilgrimage)

Letters from Nina Part I Part II Part III

Generosity: The Inward Dimension   Chapter from The Practice of Giving : Selected essays edited by Bhikkhu Bodhi The Wheel Publication No. 367/369

Abhidhamma in Daily Life   A truly excellent introduction to the Abhidhamma – suitable for all levels. (24 chapters plus glossary).

The Perfections Leading to Enlightenment  

Interview with Nina van Gorkom brief interview with the Buddhist writer

The Buddhist Teaching on Physical Phenomena Part 1  Part II

Articles by students of Sujin Boriharnwanaket

Be Here Now  Bhikkhu Dhammadharo

Introduction to the Abhidhamma  Jill Jordan and Richard Giles

Other writers

Abhidhamma and Vipassana by Sitagu sayadaw. A pithy and readable explanation of the link between vipassana and Abhidhamma. Includes a brief explanation of the origins of Abhidhamma.

The Abhidhamma Nyanaponika Thera

Word of the Buddha  by Nyantiloka Thera.  A good book for beginners with many passages from the Tipitaka.

Banner of the Arahants  by Bhikkhu Khantipalo. Life as a Buddhist monk.

Kalama sutta short essay by Bhikkhu Bodhi on this oft-cited sutta

From Views to Vision essay by Bhikkhu Bodhi

The Dhamma Theory: Philosophical Cornerstone of the Abhidhamma by Y. Karunadasa

Life of Sariputta
Maha Kaccana: Master of Doctrinal Exposition

Biography of Mahakassapa

Pali and Dhammaduta  U Sein Tun, (inspiring article about learning Pali)



Satipatthana sutta and commentaries

The Abhidhammattha-sangaha (Manual of Abhidhamma)  translated by Narada Thera

Pali English Dictionary by Nyanatiloka

Guide to the Tipitaka by U Ko Lay

Similes and Metaphors in the Pali canon

Jataka (The Buddha’s past lives)

Tipitaka and commentaries in Pali

Tipitaka with translations from

Dhammapada   The Dhammapada in Pali and English and it shows how it is translated,  teaches grammar and give the vocabulary for each word.

Dhammapada  translated by Narada thera , includes background stories.

Pali language resources (access to insight)

Pali language resources  (

Pali language resources (max sendor homepage)

Pali Text Society English -Pali Dictionary Online

Sujin Boriharnwanaket

Taking Refuge in Buddhism

Summary of the 24 paccaya (conditions)


Nina van Gorkom

Cetasikas (400 pages in book form, now on the web)

Other writers

The Buddha: His Life and Teachings by Piyadassi Thera

The Roots of Good and Evil by Nyanaponika Thera

Mano, Vinnana and Citta are Synonyms By Suan Lu Zaw


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