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The Commentary to the Discourse
on the Arousing of Mindfulness
with Marginal Notes

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The Section of the Synopsis

The Contemplation of the Body

The Section on Breathing

The Section on the Modes of Deportment

The Section on the Four Kinds of Clear Comprehension

1. Clear comprehension in going forwards and backwards

2. Clear comprehension in looking straight on and in looking away from the front

3. Clear comprehension in the bending and the stretching of limbs

4. Clear comprehension in wearing shoulder-cloak and so forth

5. Clear comprehension in the partaking of food and drink

6. Clear comprehension of cleansing the body

7. Clear comprehension of walking and so forth

The Section of Reflection on Repulsiveness

The Section of Reflection on the Modes of Materiality

The Section on the Nine Cemetery Contemplations

The Contemplation of Feeling

The Contemplation of Consciousness

The Contemplation of Mental Objects

The Five Hindrances

1. Sensuality

2. Anger

3. Sloth and Torpor

4. Agitation and Worry

5. Doubt

The Aggregates

The Sense-bases

The Factors of Enlightenment

1. Mindfulness

2. Investigation of Mental Objects

3. Joy

4. Calm

5. Concentration

6. Equanimity

The Four Truths


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