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the fruit comes much later than the path?

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Posted 27 March 2012 - 04:15 AM

One of teh hilarious ideas sometimes expounded in Buddhanetland is teh belief that someone could attain say sottapattimagga (or any other path moment) but sottapattiphala comes much later, even years later!!

ItivuttakaIt 53, Indriyasutta.
Sekhassa sikkhaşmānassa,


khayasmiṃ pa˝hamaṃ ˝āṇaṃ,

tato a˝˝ā anantarā.

"To the learner, learning

In pursuit of the straight path,

First comes the knowledge of destrucştion

And then immediately the certitude."

more here: http://beyondthenet....02.htm#_ednref6