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citta, vinanna, mano

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Posted 16 April 2007 - 03:15 AM

Kindred Sayings II, Nidaana-sa.myutta, Ch VII,
61:<Ya.m ca kho eta.m bhikkhave vuccati citta.m iti pi mano iti pi
vi~n~na.m iti pi...
PTSYet this, monks, what we call indeed thought (citta), mind,
consciousness (by this the untaught manyfolk are not able to feel

or "But that which is called Citta and Mano and Vinnana arises as one thing
and ceases as another by day and night."
Samyutta 12:61 (Bhikkhu Bodhi transl).

Vism X1V, 82

" 'Whatever has the characteristic of cognizing should be understood, all
taken together, as the consciousness aggregate' was said above. And what
has the characteristic of cognizing (vijaanana)? Consciousness
(vi~n~naa.na); according as it is said, 'It cognizes, friend, that is why
'consciousness' is said (M i 292). The words vi~n~naa.na (consciousness),
citta (mind, consciousness), and mano (mind) are one in meaning."