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Operations Of The Mind Being More Than One

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Posted 26 May 2006 - 08:00 AM

Dear Dhamma friends

The following is my recent post to DSG regarding the operations of the mind being more than one.


Dear Howard, Herman, Tep, Dan, Nina, Mike N, Sarah and all

How are you?

Howard wrote:

"Citta, or as I prefer it, viññ±ºa½, is the operation of merely being aware of content."

If you mean an object (±rammaºa½) of the mind by the term 'content', we could re-write your above statement as "One of the operations of viññ±ºa½ is merely being aware of content."

In the first verse of Dhammapada, the Buddha teaches us that the mind is the forerunner (leader/originator) of the mental phenomena (Manopubbaªgam± dhamm± where dhammaa refers to cetasikas).

Dhammapada commentary explains the meaning of dhamma in that verse as follows.

So atthato tayo ar³pino khandh± vedan±kkhandho saññ±kkhandho saªkh±rakkhandhoti.

"That term 'dhammo', as its meaning here, refers to the three mental aggregates: feeling aggregate, memory aggregate, and the aggregate of the remaining mental associates."

Thus, we now know that another important operation of the mind is to lead and originate the three mental aggregates, namely, cetasikas.

Hope I didn't disappoint you, Howard. :-)

With regards,