A Practical Guide for Insight Meditation Towards Arahantship


Below is an extract from the first chapter of this book, which was sent to me by the translator. The book costs $20. The Bhikkhunī claims to be a Noble One in the first chapter of her book. I wonder if she knows the Vinaya rule regarding disclosure of supramundane states? I couldn’t figure out what Sathara Phala means. Perhaps it means the fruit of the teacher (Satthara) or should it be cattara phalla (the four fruits)? Anyone know any more about the author?

There may be only a handful of Arahants, if any, in our society today. All others are mere mundane persons. Some of these mundane persons are powerful, rich, and educated. Some of them try to use their power and wealth to acquire Sathara Phala by using their influence, deceit, power and pride, from the few Arahants whose proportion is so minuscule that there may be only one such Person to hundreds of Millions of others. As a result, the Arahants hide themselves or keep quiet. The result is that the society is deprived of their teaching. This void creates a grand opportunity for fake Arahants who are bent on making money by selling the Dhamma. They spawn giant movements locally and overseas by going around preaching the so called Dhamma. After following them for thirty or forty years, hundreds of thousands of those poor lay persons who are bent on achieving Sathara Phala are disappointed to find out that they have not achieved what they were after. They have lost time, money and effort and they lament knowing that they would die after qualifying for rebirth, rather than for cessation of rebirth.

Many of those who earned money through selling the Dhamma die rich, leaving a wealth sufficient to last for several generations. But they continue in the suffering that Samsāra brings. I feel sorry for both these groups of people. I have not gone into hiding but I am silent. Being in that state I decided to write this set of books to help both those groups find their emancipation from the suffering in Samsāra. However, the books can be helpful to only those who have the voluntary will to strive for Nibbāna. Nothing can be done to help those who do not have a voluntary will. I am not engaging in debate or argument or further explanations with such people. I am silent. In terms of a lay person I am poor. But in terms of supra-mundane life, I have the wealth of an Ariya Person. In terms of the mundane world, I am a solitary person who does not have a big group of followers. In terms of the media, I am silent. The only persons who are with me are the Ariya Persons. In my silent state I have only the voice of the Dhamma of Lord Buddha. The service I am doing through these books on the Dhamma is something I never expected as a lay person or as a person undergoing training to attain Sathara Phala.

These books were written without any prior plan. However, I later discovered that by some unseen hand they had been guided into a systematic plan which was similar to my own training that I went through. I decided to present these books to you to say that now my job is finished and it is up to you to follow the books to use them for your training and to gain your freedom from Samsāra. I have no reserved rights to this systematic training. In His great compassion towards us, Lord Buddha explained this training technique to us. It is my feeling that this system was explained to me by the energy force of Lord Buddha which is still in the outer space of the Universe, as an answer to the plea that I made in the midst of the suffering I was going through as a lay person. Therefore, it does not belong to me. I only made use of it.

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