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Bullitt, John T. (?-?)
John Bullitt, the builder of AccessToInsight, apart from the collection, careful design, cross-referencing and preparation of an abundant wealth of teaching material and information about Buddhism and meditation from a vast variety of sources, has also written a number of very instructive, informative and helpful articles himself: Apart from the numerous texts of introduction, commentary and cross-referencing which are found on many pages and keep the whole structure of AccessToInsight neatly together in one cohesive and conveniently explorable whole piece, with the “Path to Freedom” one finds didactically well prepared introduction into the teaching and tradition, including understandable explanations of many of the most important terms and concepts, a historical outline of the Buddha’s life, and at its core a systematic and deep exploration of the Noble Eightfold Path, providing reliable guidance and inviting to and arousing interest in further investigation by oneself on many levels. [Source: own exposure to and occupation with John Bullitt’s works]

If anybody know some biographical details and is inspired to share them, it would be great. Not to speak about a picture.

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Dear Ven. Bante Bodhi,

some month ago I have started to develop a bilingual “mirror” (German and English) of the generous gift of John Bullitts and many many voluntaries work and this website is based on the domain on a German eco-server given and developed as a Sanghika Dana to be.

The whole work is a 100% dana work and managed by lay people, not in connection with any NGO or monastery or what ever worldly institution and without any fundraising or use of money. I my self “being” a “Samana” (no official Nissaya, not official ordained) live currently in Cambodia and will have some weeks more to be able to contribute my work in development and support of this Dana learning and right view developing undertaking.

Back to my request: I would like to request the publishing of your translations, what ever you like to share within the scope of’s “Scope of the Dana-Gift” (which has no limits in Anumodana possibilities but does not advocate and share the possibility of selling or reward of any kind).

Further more, having already done a lot of translations into German, also of the preexisting publications received from ATI, I would like to request to remove the limitations to 50 copies which are on most BPS publications.

Independent of this request (please don’t feel pressured or stressed with it, everything will be excepted), I would like to share – or better said – give the already existing translations into German within ZzE to you and at the same time (but independent of it) I would like to request their further publishing as they are with your blessing (that does not mean that the responsibility of our work will be transferred, we are aware of it and stay at it without disclaimer of any kind).

Venerable Bante, it would be good if you except our gift, and it is independent of our request.

Please let me know your response, approve or disprove.

(For the case that I am not reachable, I like to request to send a copy to uebersetzungen [ at ] which will reach the current admin of the page)

metta & mudita
Johann Brucker

Quote from: Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi via email

Am 2013-11-27 16:01, schrieb Bhikkhu Bodhi:

Dear Johann,

I don’t quite understand what you would like to do. Could you please state it again more simply? Also, I am not presently involved with the Buddhist Publication Society and so any changes in their policy that you wish for you would have to obtain directly from them. I have been out of Sri Lanka for the past 12 years.

Bhikkhu Bodhi

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Quote from: Johann via email

Betreff: Re: your request
Datum: 2013-11-27 17:14
Absender: Johann Brucker into the foreseeable future. If you are a webmaster, web designer, web developer, or software developer and you are interested in advancing the use of technology in studying the Dhamma, I invite you to read "A Parting Note to ATI Techies".
I send you all my best wishes for the greatest success in all your wholesome endeavors.
— jtb

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

As I just saw...

long time John Bullitt had financed a free search machine for many. Maybe some of you feel inspired to support him that his deed might be multiplied and the share of free dhamma might find its continue without the need to bring it under the worldly usual ways:

1. Requires an internet connection to contact Google Custom Search. Sometime in early 2014, my paid version of this search engine will expire, causing Google to insert advertisements into the search results. To suppress those ads, I strongly recommend that you install an ad-blocker plug-in to your browser, such as AdBlock Plus.

After all, even it is well meant, a Adblocker would not be fair as google seeks for rewards for its deeds.

Or somebody would be inspired by his "A Parting Note to ATI Techies" and helps to develop a search machine that might make ATI and its user more independently.

As far as I had seen, is the earlier developer of sphiper and now maker of sphider+ very supportive and he might be for sure helpful aside of relatively low costs (standard incl. support is 25$ for the software and I don't think it would be very expensive to make some small modifications for Pali issues)

Just thought of how you might be able to forward the merits you have gained for further generations, at least for your self. So that Dhamma might be avaliable as Dhamma gift in your next existence as well. Not all will leave the circle that fast.

Edited by Johann (Hanzze),

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