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Dear friends,
This is the transcription of a Thai session In Bangkok at the

Khun Sujin: We cannot hasten the development of pa~n~naa, we have
accumulated ignorance for so long. If one has not listened to the
Dhamma, there is the idea of self, no matter what we are doing: I
see, I hear. There is dhamma, reality, all the time, but we do not
understand that it is dhamma that appears. We desire to understand a
great deal, but we forget that there is dhamma at this moment. There
is dhamma that listens, there is reality that arises and falls away.
We cling to the names of realities.

Each day accidents happen, but there need not be worry how it could
occur. Kamma is the cause of unpleasant sense experiences. We believe
that it is me or this or that person who is involved in an accident.

Nina: It is difficult to apply the Dhamma when an accident happens.

Kh S: And now? Is there an accident? When there is an accident there
are nama and rupa. When there is an accident something happens that
we did not foresee. It is like now: dhamma is dhamma. There is seeing
and thinking. We think of the death of dear ones and there is
forgetfulness of realities, no sati. We say that it is difficult to
be mindful in such situations, but also now it is difficult to be

Nina: But Lodewijk and I are getting older and I am thinking about
this. I study and consider the Dhamma, but what shall we do if
something serious happens to us.

Kh S: We should not wait for that moment or think that we have to
prepare for it. There is this moment now.

N: I do not really grasp it that there is no person, only nama dhamma
and rupa dhamma.

Kh S: You have to listen more and then you will have more understanding.

N: But it takes a long time before we understand the truth.

Kh S: Each day dhamma is dhamma. We have dear people, people who are
close to us, but dhamma arises and then falls away. Seeing has fallen
away and there is nothing left. Thinking, all dhammas fall away
completely. This is not different from the moment a dear person dies.
We are thinking about a dear person but thinking falls away completely.

Everything is dhamma now. Understanding depends on conditions. We are
inclined to think of concepts, about people and events. If there are
conditions for the arising of sati it can know the characteristics of
realities. There can be right understanding that all dhammas are anatta.

N: It is so difficult.

Kh S: Surely, but pa~n~naa can arise and it can accumulate. It is not
a matter of �doing something� but of understanding. Everyone would
like to have pa~n~naa, but the moment of understanding is pa~n~naa.
When a reality appears pa~n~naa can know the truth. Do not try to
have it. At this moment it can be known to what extent pa~n~naa has



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