Akusala patience?


Sarah says:

Dear Htoo,

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> > S: In addition to all the other comments, I’d just like to point out that
patience can also be akusala. For example, whilst studying an academic text,
robbing a bank, exercising or watching a sunrise, there’s lots of patience with
strong viriya, but all akusala.
> Htoo:
> Dear Sarah, No! patience cannot be akusala.
> Dosa has two extreme. One is outburst. One is dormant. When dormant, it serves
like patience.
> Patience on the other hand is kusala. If it is akusala, patience cannot
be one of paramii.

S: When patience is a paramii, of course it is kusala – kusala viriya with right

I remember also being surprised when A.Sujin first started talking about akusala
patience, but with all terms that we use or read about, we need to consider very
carefully. It’s the same with sila – people are surprised to hear that sila can
be kusala or akusala, or samadhi – kusala or akusala samadhi now?

Viriya can be kusala or akusala. When we keep quiet with dosa, akusala viriya.
When we eat a piece of chocolate cake very slowly, savouring every mouthful,
akusala viriya or patience.





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