Aramika needed for Tipitaka – accessibility


Dear Dhammika and Dhammikinis (I hope the spelling is right),

Since about one year, I try to develop such as a virtual Vihara, since it is not easy that somebody who sticks to higher virtue would be able to access the internet, the most of us are used to.

It’s a layman project and all we have is dedicated for the noble Sangha at least and should be given as soon as is proper adjusted.
If you like to get known more about it, please read Erecting of a virtual Dhamma – Vinaya monastery, Generelles Konzept

Within such it was of course needed to supply the tipitaka as well and so I requested the transmission of the Chaṭṭha Saṅgāyana – Tipitaka as a Sanghika Dana and to take care of it which was generously given as such by the late Goenka or the Vipassana Research institute for this porpose.

How ever, I could manage to integrate some parts of it, the most important Vinaya and the Jataka (mula and commentraries) till now.

You may get more information about the past deeds here: Tipitaka project (you might also get some ideas about the actual raw works need to be done)

As I am limited in time and possibilities, I would like to request if somebody would like to make some service directed to the noble Sangha and likes to take care of:
1. Integration
It is merely a copy and paste work, but needs a lot of care and concentration, so a perfect work at least.
1. Maintenance of it
Integrate anchors to provide good reference point.
1. Accessibility and service for the benefiters
To invite and serve Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis to get the needed access and to take care of the functions and files.
1. Support eventually developments within this given possibilities

It’s a 100% giving and letting go task and you your mind and inspiration should be directed in regard of the noble Sangha and or Nibbana and there are no worldly rewards at all to be expected.

What you should bring with you:

Much joy with good deeds and a punch of good effort. A will to do something and to make a great service, every thing else should be no problem and things are not really that complicated.
For point 2 and 4 it would be great if you have some good overview of the Tipitaka already, but also this can be learned while doing.

Your work is fully in the frame of self responsibility, of course there will be support as much as possible.

So you are welcome to participate and in the case I can not be reached personally, please get in contact with the Aramikas and Aramikinis at the forum.

You are of course also invited in regard of critics and rebukes as such is always important. Please feel invited to get in contact in what way you every like.

metta & mudita

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