in memory of Bo Lozoff


One of the great American spiritual teachers of the 20th century, Bo Lozoff died in a motorcycle crash in Hawaii on November 30 2012.
Best known for his book “We are all doing time” (1984), which Village Voice Magazine ranked”One of the ten books everyone in the world should read”.

His reputation, at least among the puritanical elements in American circles, was slightly marred by some late life womanizing. but literally thousands of convicts and others consider him genuinely insighful and compassionate to an extraordinary degree.
i rate him in the same rarified atmosphere as the equally compassionate Steven Levine( Who Dies) .
Sad to hear that a great American spiritual teachers actually dies in a motorcycle crash in Hawaii. How ever, its not good to talk about heroes and death.

Cause and effect.

Maybe you like to share some of his gifts.

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