Is being a cook wrong livelihood?


:From what I’ve read, Buddha said that business in meat is one of the five types of business that we should not engage in

The term ‘maṃsavaṇijjā’ means ‘butchery’, but in the traditional sense, not the modern one. Traditionally a butcher’s trade consisted in killing animals and then selling their meat; it is this that is wrong livelihood. Its modern equivalent would be the abattoir business. What we nowadays called a ‘butcher’ is usually just a meat-seller, not an animal-killer. This is not included in wrong livelihood. The same consideration applies to other occupations involved with the subsequent processing of the meat, including your own.

I have seen this topic. Honestly I am rather sad of reading many replays. Sometimes it happens that people have concern of their livelihood and then, at a level where you should encourage them and approve their concerns even monks come up with justifications like Christians did.

It would be good to remember that approve, tolerating, encoragement… has also an karmic impact. Its always a not so wise developed thought that produces such actions.

Its really noting else as the uposatha of the jains what most try to teach, fearing that to many people would but realications into action and change there livelihoods as soon as it does no more fit to the knowledge.

The reason behind is very similar to this http://www.abhidhamm…p?showtopic=510

That the involvement today is mostly very complex does not change its impacts. I just can tell you that most cooks I have known have been alcoholics and mostly not very health. Of course they had served the luxury and lesser being cooks for normal supply.

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