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S: See Patisambhidamagga (attributed to Sariputta) in Khuddaka Nikaya for many examples of sutta references for the above, such as the following:
(PTS transl with Pali terms addes by me for clarity)

1 #553 “At the moment of stream-entry path (sotapatti magga) all ideas (dhammaa) born [at that moment], except for cognisance originated materiality, are profitable (kusala), free from cankers, lead out, lead to dispersal, belong to the supramundane (lokuttara), have nibbana as their supporting-object (

1 #554 “At the moment of the fruition of stream-entry(sotapatti phala) all ideas(dhammaa) born [at that moment] are all indeterminate (avyaakata; except or cognisance-originated materiality, they are all free from cankers, belong to the supra mundane (lokuttara), have nibbana as their supporting object ( )

111 #174 “Ideas (dhammaa) there arisen are blameless and partake of enlightenment: this is sameness (susama.m). What is very sameness? The supporting object ( for such ideas (dhammaa), namely, cessation, nibbana.”

V #98 “What is gateway to liberation?
What those ideas (dhammaa) have as their supporting object (, namely cessation, nibbana – that is the gateway to liberation.”

V #32 “What is supramundane (lokuttara) liberation (vimmokha)?
The four noble paths, the four fruits of asceticism and nibbana. This is supramundane liberation.

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