Retro-Cognition is Radically Real…


Once when the Venerable Anuruddha was dwelling at Savatthi in Jeta’s Grove,
in Anathapindika’s Park, a number of Bhikkhus went to the Venerable Anuruddha &
exchanged polite greetings with him. Then they sat down & asked the Ven. Anuruddha:
Venerable Sir: What has the Venerable Anuruddha developed and cultivated so that
he has attained to his famous greatness of direct knowledge? It is, friends, because I
have developed and cultivated these four Foundations of Awareness that I have won
great direct knowledge. What 4? Here, friends, I dwell constantly contemplating upon:
The Body as a formed frame, neither as any me-I-ego, anything lasting, nor as pleasure!
The Feelings as passing sensations, neither as belonging to me or mine, nor as pleasure!
The Mind just as temporary moods and mentalities, neither as I-Mine, nor as any soul!
All Phenomena just as conditioned mental states, and neither as substance, nor any real!
while eager, clearly comprehending, and aware, thereby removing all desire & frustration
rooted in this world! It is because I have developed these Four Foundations of Awareness
that I have become empowered with these supra-human forces: With the divine eye, which
is purified & surpasses the human, I see beings passing away and being reborn, as inferior
or superior, beautiful or ugly, fortunate or unfortunate, & I understand how beings travel
on in accordance with their past actions (=kamma) thus: The beings who misbehaved bodily,
verbally and mentally, who reviled the Noble Ones, held wrong views, and did actions based
on their wrong views, with the break-up of their body, right after death, they have been
reborn in a state of misery, in a painful destination, in the lower worlds, even in hell…!
But these other beings, who engaged in good behaviour bodily, verbally and mentally, who did
not revile the Noble Ones, who held right view, and undertook actions based on this right view,
with the break-up of their body, after death, they are reborn in a superior and exceedingly
happy destination, even a divine world! Thus with the divine eye, which is purified & surpasses
the human, I see beings passing away and being reborn, inferior and superior, beautiful & ugly,
fortunate and unfortunate, and I understand how beings are reborn and fare on in this round
all in accordance with their past kamma (past life behaviour).

Buddha once said:
It is kamma that separates beings into inferiority and superiority! MN iii 203

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikaya. [V:305]
section 52: Anuruddha. Thread 23: The Divine Eye!

The 6 suprahuman forces, supernormal knowledge’s see:

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On folly longing after a now unreal past, that has passed never ever to return:

Retro-Cognition is Radically Real…

Seeing the past Causes and their present Effects!
On folly longing after a now unreal past, that has passed never ever to return:

There is of course much that comes back from the past again and again, and to neglect it would be really not conductive to go beyond. So to speak: supplant is different from penetrate.

Maybe aside of giving a good sample and let go of taking what is not given, it would be good to keep this sentence “Seeing my past Causes and their present Effects!” a little modified next time more visible on the message.

For one not released, past is always present and that is why there is no escape, till we approve or faults and change our ways.

Admirable friendship is the greatest!

10. Advancement or destruction
On that occasion, Luang Pu gave an admonition to the Dhamma missionaries, at one point saying,

“When you go out to disseminate and proclaim the Buddha’s teachings, it can either lead to the advancement of the religion or to its destruction. The reason I say this is because the person of each Dhamma missionary is the determining factor. If, when you go, you behave in an appropriate way, keeping in mind the fact that you’re a contemplative, with manners and behavior corresponding with what’s proper for a contemplative, those who see you, if they don’t yet have faith, will give rise to faith. As for those who already have faith, your behavior will increase their faith. But as for the missionaries who behave in the opposite fashion, it will destroy the faith of those who have faith, and will drive those who don’t yet have faith even further away. So I ask that you be consummate both in your knowledge and your behavior.

Don’t be heedless or complacent. Whatever you teach people to do, you yourself should also do as an example for them.”

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