Reviewing Own Generosity!


One naturally devoted to generosity by the constant practice of giving and
sharing makes the decision: From now on, whenever there is anyone present
to receive, I shall not eat even a single mouthful without having given a gift!
And that very day he should give a gift by sharing whatever according to his
means and his ability with those, who have distinguished mental qualities.
When he has apprehended the sign in that, he should go into solitary retreat
and recollect his own generosity in its special qualities of being free from
the stain of mean miserliness like this: It is gain for me, it is great gain for
me, that in a culture obsessed by the greedy stain of niggardliness, I abide
with my mind & heart free from penny-pinching stinginess. I delight indeed
in relinquishing by being freely generous & open-handed, always welcoming
any request by rejoicing in all altruistic giving and sharing (AN III 287).
Any who gives life by giving food will get life & strength either divine or as
a human (AN III 42). Any giver is loved & frequented by many (AN III 40).
One who gives, is ever loved, according to the wise man’s law! (AN III 41).

When a Bhikkhu is devoted to this recollection of generosity, he becomes
ever more intent on generosity, his favourite becomes non-greedy charity,
he acts with kind, noble, & loving liberality, and he gains a fine lion-heart.
He enjoys much happiness and gladness. And if he penetrates no higher, he
is at least headed for a happy destiny.

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