The Roots of Good and Evil, Ven. Nyanaponika, Wheel 251/253


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This is taken from The Roots of Good and Evil, by Ven. Nyanaponika, Wheel

<'Delusion', according to the commentary, 'is a great fault for both reason, that is, in the eyes of public opinion and with regard to its unhappy kamma-result (in the same ways as mentioned above for hatred). If an action is done under the impact of delusion, such action will set man free only very slowly; it can be likened to bear skin, which will not become bright even if washed seven times..... Without the presence of delusion, no greed or hatred can arise. The unwholesome roots of greed and hatred always occur associated with delusion. Delusion, however, may occur by itself and can be a very powerful source of evil and suffering. In view of that omnipresence of delusion in the unwholesome, the Dhammapada says that there is no entanglement equal to the widespread net of delusion (v. 251), and that ignorance (a synonym of delusion) is the greatest taint of the mind (v. 243). Hence the Buddha declares: 'All unwholesome states have their root in ignorance, they converge upon ignorance, and by the abolishment of ignorance, all the other unwholesome states are abolished' (SAMYUTTA NIKAYA 20:1). >




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