Unwholesome Dhammas


Dear Dhamma Friends,

In akusala sangaha or in the stock of unwholesome dhamma there are

1. aasava dhamma (canker or out-flowing intoxicant)
2. ogha dhamma (flood of akusala dhamma)
3. yoga dhamma (yoke or connection or bondage)
4. gantha dhamma (ties or knots or fetters or bonds )
5. upaadaana dhamma (clinging, grasping, holding, gripping )
6. nivarana dhamma (hindrances, refusal,preventing, keeping back)
7. samyojana dhamma (fetters, bonds)
8. anusaya dhamma (dormant predisposition, tendency, latency)
9. kilesa dhamma (defilements, stain, soil, impurity)

1. aasava dhamma or cankers
2. ogha dhamma or flood
3. yoga dhamma (yoke, bond, tie, attachment)

There are 4 yoga dhamma or 4 yokes. They are

1. kaama yoga or ‘yoke of sensuality’
2. bhava yoga or ‘yoke of existence’
3. ditthi yoga or ‘yoke of wrong-view’
4. avijja yoga or ‘yoke of ignorance’.

Dhamma-wise these 4 dhammas are all the same as aasava dhamma and ogha
dhamma. That is the dhamma-kaaya or dhamma-body or the essence in
all these are lobha, ditthi, and moha cetasika.

In lobha appears as kaamasava & bhavaasava, kaamogha & bhavogha,
kaama yoga & bhava yoga, ditthi appears as ditthaasava, ditthogha
and ditthi yoga, and moha appears as avijjaasava, avijjogha and avijja

The implications of these dhamma are to demonstrate how each dhamma
strike beings down in many different ways. Aasava dhamma behave as
flowing, exuding to unhappy destination or unsatisfactory destination.
Ogha dhamma sweep away beings from the shelter or security of
emancipation and sink them down to unsatisfactory destination.

Yoga dhamma yet behave in another way from those of aasava or canker,
ogha or flood.

May you all be free from suffering.

With Unlimited Metta,

Htoo Naing

PS: Any comments are welcome and any queries are welcome. If there
is unclarity of any meaning, please just give a reply to any of these
posts on Dhamma Thread. Any adding, any correction, any support will
be very helpful for all.


All the best,


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